How to run in Fallout New Vegas

Understanding Movement in Fallout: New Vegas

Some games have one movement type missing that will completely throw you off. Think the lack of jump button in the Souls games. It feels weird. Well, the run function in Fallout: New Vegas is giving a lot of people grief right now.

Does Fallout: New Vegas have run or sprint?

No, there is no run or sprint button in New Vegas. You’re already running by default, and going faster just isn’t possible. However, you can go slower by pressing the Caps Lock key or holding Shift. On PlayStation and Xbox the switch between the walk or run speeds is clicking the right stick in.

You may also walk slowly when you have broken a limb or are over-encumbered. If you’re looking to move a little faster, here are some things you can try. Nobody wants to be on a casual stroll with a Deathclaw breathing down their neck.

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Lighten your load

You will be able to move faster at a run in New Vegas if you have a lighter pack. This means storing all those weapons and gear you’ve been lugging around. If you start wearing lighter armour, you will also move faster at the default sprint speed in New Vegas.

Make sure you’re not over-encumbered in New Vegas

If you have too much in your pack or on your body in Fallout: New Vegas, the default run speed will be dropped to a walk. You will see a head-up warning if you’re over-encumbered. You can also check your inventory to see just how much junk you need to drop to get back to the default run speed in New Vegas.

How to run in Fallout New Vegas
Image: Bethesda

Stow your weapon

Putting your weapon away will increase your speed in New Vegas for PC, PlayStation and Xbox. You can holster your weapon in New Vegas by holding down the reload weapon. It is only a minor increase, but it may help you cope with the painfully slow speed set as the default run speed in New Vegas. Apparently, sprint wasn’t coded into Bethesda games until Skyrim.

Mod in the run function to New Vegas

If you’re running New Vegas on PC, then you can mod the game to make you move even faster than the default. You can find the mod here at Nexus Mods. This will allow you to move a lot faster by pressing the default button for walk and sprint, which is Shift. Then, you can now blast around the wastelands like a whirlwind.

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