Overwatch 2 – Venture Hero Guide

Venture, the Latest Addition to Overwatch 2 Season 10

Overwatch 2 Season 10 has introduced Venture, the first new damage hero since launch. They have a ton of high-damage options available to them, all of which work best at close range. Mastering Venture requires you to get good at not only fighting in the thick of battle, but using their movement abilities to get in and out of danger.

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Venture Overview

Venture can use their drill to dig underground and get close to the enemy.

Venture wields a deadly drill as their primary weapon, firing short-range explosives that detonate upon impact with an enemy or object. Their drill provides a strong melee attack but with a slightly longer animation than other characters. Additionally, Venture can burrow underground to become invulnerable and deal damage upon resurfacing. They can also perform a drill dash both above and below ground. Finally, their ultimate ability, Tectonic Shock, unleashes projectiles underground in a cone shape to damage enemies in its path.

Venture Abilities

  • Smart Excavator: Launch a seismic charge that bursts after a short distance.
  • Burrow: Move underground and become invulnerable. Deals damage when you emerge.
  • Drill Dash: Dash forward, pushing enemies back. Can be used underground with reduced cooldown.
  • Clobber passive: Quick melee deals more damage.
  • Explorer’s Resolve: Using abilities grants temporary shields.
  • Tectonic Shock ultimate: Send out damaging shockwaves.

Dive in, Dive Out

Venture excels in close-range combat similar to Reaper, requiring players to constantly engage with the enemy team while being prepared to retreat when necessary. Venture’s two movement abilities, Drill Dash and Burrow, provide options for engaging and disengaging effectively. It’s crucial to strategize the use of these abilities based on the situation to maximize Venture’s effectiveness in battle.

Save Burrow for escaping as it grants invulnerability while underground. Keep in mind that there is a brief vulnerability window during the burrowing animation, so timing is key. Additionally, Venture’s passive ability grants temporary shields after using an ability, offering a defensive advantage.

Aim at Their Feet

Venture’s primary fire, Smart Excavator, launches short-distance explosives that detonate upon reaching a certain distance or upon impact. To ensure consistent damage, aim at the enemy’s feet or nearby objects to guarantee the explosion hits its target. This tactic simplifies landing shots and maximizes damage output without the need for precise aiming.

Tectonic Shock

Venture's ultimate sends out shockwaves that deal damage.
Venture’s ultimate sends out shockwaves that deal damage.

Venture’s ultimate ability, Tectonic Shock, is a powerful attack that unleashes shockwaves dealing damage in a wide area. With four shots available, these projectiles travel underground in a cone shape, damaging enemies within reach. Timing is crucial for using Tectonic Shock effectively, ensuring maximum impact when enemies are grouped and weakened from previous engagements.

Additional Venture Tips

  • Venture’s melee attack deals slightly more damage but has a longer animation, so use it strategically.
  • Venture gains temporary shields when using abilities, except for Burrow, which activates once underground.
  • Drill Dash can be utilized while Burrowed but inflicts less damage than when above ground.
  • When exiting Burrow, charge up the exit to deal more damage, but be aware that enemies have a window to evade.