10 reasons to dive back into Destiny 2 with The Final Shape

Prismatic Allows Guardians to Create Their Own Subclass

Prepare to unleash your creativity in Destiny 2: The Final Shape with the innovative Prismatic subclass. This unique feature allows Guardians to combine abilities from every subclass to tailor-make their own playstyle. Whether you prefer a mix of Strand grenades and Solar hammers or Stasis powers with Golden Gun, the possibilities are endless!

But that’s not all – the Prismatic subclass also introduces a new mechanic called Transcendence. By mastering the balance between Light and Dark, Guardians can access special fusion grenades, instant cooldown refreshes, and weapon damage bonuses like never before.

Harness the Power of Two Exotics with Exotic Class Items

Take customization to the next level with Exotic class items in the Prismatic subclass. These items offer two random Exotic perks inspired by iconic armor from all classes, opening up a world of possibilities for your Guardian.

For example, imagine wielding a Titan Mark that combines the powers of the Warlock’s Ophidian Aspect and the Titan’s Precious Scars. This Exotic item not only increases melee range but also provides burst healing from final blows, giving you a significant advantage in combat.

Battle New Enemy Types with the Dread

Get ready to face off against the Dread, Destiny’s latest faction featuring six new enemy types and the formidable Tormentor. From the flying Grim to the melee-focused Husk, each enemy brings a unique challenge to the battlefield.

Embrace the chaos as you encounter the Stasis-wielding Attendant, the Strand-twisting Weaver, and more. Each new enemy type adds depth and excitement to the gameplay, keeping you on your toes in every encounter.

Reunite with Cayde-6

Everyone’s favorite Exo returns in Destiny 2: The Final Shape as Cayde-6 makes a comeback. While the details of his resurrection remain a mystery, fans can look forward to Nathan Fillion reprising his role as the wise-cracking Guardian.

Join Cayde-6 on another epic adventure, filled with humor, danger, and unexpected twists. Whether he’s back from the dead or part of a larger cosmic plan, one thing’s for sure – Cayde-6’s return will shake up the world of Destiny once again.

Rediscover the Original Tower and Familiar Locations

Explore the Pale Heart of the Traveler in The Final Shape, a central zone featuring twisted versions of iconic Destiny locations like the original Tower. This linear destination offers a fresh take on familiar landscapes, providing a blend of nostalgia and new challenges.

Journey through warped and abstract worlds inspired by your past adventures, culminating in a thrilling encounter with The Witness. With stunning visuals and creative design, the Pale Heart promises an unforgettable experience for Guardians old and new.

A New and Improved HUD
Image: Bungie

Enhance your gameplay experience with the revamped HUD in Destiny 2: The Final Shape. With improved visibility of buffs and debuffs, you can now track essential modifiers, weapon information, and timers more efficiently during combat.

  • Primary modifiers now display below your health bar.
  • Weapon modifiers appear above the super bar for quick reference.
  • High-priority buffs take precedence to ensure vital information is always visible.
  • Buffs and debuffs feature new icons for easy recognition, especially for colorblind Guardians.
  • Timers are positioned next to buff icons for better time management.
  • Display more buffs on screen simultaneously, improving overall awareness.

Stay tuned for further adjustments to the HUD before the launch of The Final Shape, as Bungie continues to refine the user interface for optimal gameplay. With clearer information at your fingertips, you can focus on mastering your Guardian’s abilities without missing a beat.

It’s Easier Than Ever to Find Groups for Every Activity

Joining group content in Destiny 2 has never been simpler thanks to the in-game Fireteam Finder feature. Say goodbye to third-party sites and clunky apps – finding the right team for any activity is now a seamless experience for all players.

Discover new possibilities and forge lasting friendships as you explore the world of Destiny with fellow Guardians. The Fireteam Finder opens up a world of cooperative gameplay, allowing you to tackle challenges and triumph over adversity together.

Finish the Fight with an Epic Raid

Prepare for the ultimate showdown in Destiny 2: The Final Shape with an epic Raid against the formidable Witness. As the climax of the expansion’s main story, this Raid offers a challenging and unforgettable experience for seasoned Guardians.

Team up with other players to take on the main villain of the Destiny franchise and uncover the secrets hidden within The Final Shape. Face off against powerful foes, master new mechanics, and emerge victorious in a battle of Light versus Dark.

Goodbye Seasons, Hello Episodes
Destiny 2 Episodes
Image: Bungie

Experience a new era of storytelling in Destiny 2 with the introduction of Episodes. This innovative system divides the narrative into three Acts, each offering a cinematic-style experience with new content, Exotics, missions, weapons, and surprises.

Dive deeper into the world of Destiny with longer storylines, immersive cutscenes, and a richer narrative experience. Follow the epic saga of The Final Shape through multiple Episodes, each adding layers of intrigue and excitement to the overall storyline.

Each Class Gains a New Super

Unleash the power of new Supers in Destiny 2: The Final Shape, with each Class receiving a unique and devastating ability to wield in battle. From Solar explosions to Arc teleportation, these new Supers offer fresh gameplay mechanics and strategic options for players.

Warlock: Song of Flame (Solar)

The Warlock’s new Solar Super, Song of Flame, empowers your melee attacks, summons explosive bird companions, and enhances your and your allies’ weapon abilities. Embrace the power of the Sun and rain destruction upon your enemies.

Hunter: Storm’s Edge (Arc)

Teleport into battle with the Hunter’s new Arc Super, Storm’s Edge. Unleash a whirlwind strike on nearby foes, dishing out massive damage and showcasing your agility and precision in combat. Dominate the battlefield with this electrifying ability.

Titan: Twilight Arsenal (Void)

Join the fray with the Titan’s new Void Super, Twilight Arsenal. Harness the power of Void axes to devastate enemies, weaken survivors, and empower your fireteam in the heat of battle. Pass the axes to your allies and unleash chaos upon your foes.

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