12 Funniest Mods for Fallout New Vegas

During my exploration of Fallout: New Vegas mods, I couldn’t help but notice the creativity and humor of both mod creators and players. While there were plenty of NSFW mods that left me reaching for some holy water, I did stumble upon some of the funniest mods available for the game.

Lightsabers mod

Imagine a future without the allure of Lightsabers. It’s simply unthinkable. This hilarious Fallout: New Vegas mod introduces lightsabers into the game, allowing players to engage in battles and slice their enemies in style. With 9 colors and single or double-blade styles, the force is strong with this one.

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Gravity Gun

Similar to Half-Life, the Gravity Gun in this Fallout: New Vegas mod allows players to manipulate the gravity of objects they target. Whether it’s a fierce Death Claw or a bystander, the power is in your hands to hurl them wherever you desire.

Fallout: New Vegas Randomizer mod

Making its mark as one of the funniest Fallout: New Vegas mods, this randomizer mod brings chaos to the game like never before. Everything is randomized – from enemy types and load-outs to starting stats, gravity, and jump height. Get ready for some unpredictable and exhilarating gameplay.

King of The Ring

Step into the ring and test your boxing skills with this Fallout: New Vegas mod. Head to Dempsey’s gym, embark on a violent boxing career, and take on the challenge of becoming the next ring champion. Just when you thought the wasteland couldn’t get any more intense.

Funny Fallout New Vegas Mods
Image: Nexus Mods

Bad MothaF***A Fallout: New Vegas companion mod

Meet your new companion in Fallout: New Vegas – a super mutant with a unique vocabulary consisting of one word: MothaF***a. This humorous mod brings a companion with witty and profound voice lines, all delivered with a touch of humor. And yes, he’s also a formidable slayer.

Killable Children

Adding a touch of realism to the game, this mod allows players to, well, take care of the children in Fallout: New Vegas. While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it certainly adds a twist to the gameplay experience and eliminates the need to venture into the command console for such matters.

Become a Super Mutant in Fallout: New Vegas

Ever dreamt of embracing your inner Super Mutant in the wasteland? This mod makes it possible in Fallout: New Vegas. Embrace the traits, perks, and gear tailored for a Super Mutant, and don’t forget to accessorize with some stylish hats along the way.

11 Funniest Mods for Fallout New Vegas
Image: Nexus Mods

The Sword of a Thousand Truths

Unleash the power of The Sword of a Thousand Truths in Fallout: New Vegas. This formidable weapon boasts an extraordinary reach and damage output, making it a force to be reckoned with. Join forces with friends in multiplayer and watch your foes fall before you.

Cannibal Reborn Mod

Delve into the world of cannibalism with this Fallout: New Vegas mod. While it may not sound like the funniest mod, it certainly adds an interesting twist to gameplay with revamped cannibal mechanics, including bonus features, limb explosions, and more. Bon Appétit!

Funny Mods Fallout New Vegas
Image: Nexus Mods

Nude Ray 5000 Fallout: New Vegas mod

For those looking for a bit of immature fun, the Nude Ray 5000 mod in Fallout: New Vegas offers a PG-rated experience (unless you’ve dabbled in some nude mods). Take aim with this simple weapon and watch as your targets are stripped down to their skivvies. A humorous way to keep the wasteland in check.

Zombie mod

Prepare for an apocalypse of undead proportions with this intricate Zombie mod for Fallout: New Vegas. Dive into a world filled with strategic outbreaks, infectious spread, and a variety of zombie types, adding a thrilling new dimension to your wasteland adventures.

Unlimited Followers in Fallout: New Vegas

Who says you have to journey alone in the wasteland? With this amusing mod for Fallout: New Vegas, you can amass a legion of followers to accompany you on your quests. Say goodbye to the days of traveling solo, as now you can roam the wasteland with your own entourage.

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