New Pokemon GO avatars are so ugly players are quitting the game

Player Avatars in Pokémon GO Receive Mixed Reactions

If you thought poor developer decisions and lackluster content were enough to make players quit Pokémon GO, recent changes to playable avatars might just be the final nail in the coffin for some.

The “Rediscover Pokémon GO” campaign is aimed at revitalizing the 7-year-old game with new location-based visuals, updated AR features, and a much-needed player customization overhaul. The first phase of the campaign introduced brand-new models for player characters, but the reception has been less than enthusiastic.

While the new customization options offer long-awaited features like hairstyles and body types, the avatars themselves have been met with criticism for their eerie appearance. Whether it’s the unsettling faces, oddly proportioned bodies, or clipping issues with clothing, players feel that the new avatars fall below industry standards.

Niantic Under Fire for Lackluster Character Customization

Despite the attempt at diversity and inclusivity in avatar customization, the recent update still misses the mark. For over seven years, Pokémon GO players have struggled to connect with their in-game representations due to limited customization options.

The update, while introducing new hair options and body types, fails to address the primary issue of representation. Many players still feel disconnected from their avatars, as the choices are limited in terms of hairstyles, facial features, and body shapes.

Image: PC Invasion

While the update does offer some expansion in customization options, it falls short in providing a wide range of choices. Despite including different body types and afro-textured hair, there are still limitations in other areas such as facial hair, piercings, and diverse facial features.

With Pokémon GO being one of the highest-grossing franchises of all time, players expected a more robust and inclusive character customization system after seven years of development and success.

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