Archero Tier List (April 2024)

Archero Tier Lists

Archero is a game that is beloved by its community despite some flaws in the way it’s structured. With heavy pay-to-win elements and a grind that can be overwhelming, investing in the right gear and heroes is crucial. To help you navigate the game better, here is our comprehensive Archero tier list.

Hero Tier List

Image Source: TierMaker via Twinfinite
SMelinda, Stella, Taiga, Wukong
AAquea, Blazo, Elaine, Iris, Lina, Shingen
BBobo, Bonnie, Helix, Meowgik, Ophelia, Shade, Sylvan
CAyana, Gugu, Rolla, Ryan, Shari, Urasil
DAtreus, Onir, Phoren, Taranis

Best F2P Heroes in Archero

If you’re playing Archero without spending money, your best hero choices are Helix, Meowgik, and Gugu. These heroes are capable of competing with paid heroes and are popular choices even among top-ranking players.

Weapon Tier List

Archero weapons tier list
Image Source: TierMaker via Twinfinite
SAntique Sword, Expedition Fist
ABrightspear, Death Scythe, Demon Blade
BBrave Bow, Gale Force, Mini Atreus, Tornado
CStalker Staff, Saw Blade

Best Archero Weapons

All S and A-tier weapons are commonly used by top players, with Expedition Fist, Antique Sword, and Demon Blade being the most prevalent choices due to their effectiveness.

Armor Tier List

Archero armor tier list
Image Source: TierMaker via Twinfinite
SPhantom Cloak
ABright Robe, Golden Chestplate
BExpedition Plate, Shadow Robe
CVest of Dexterity, Void Robe

Best Archero Armor

While Expedition Armor is