Fortnite C5S2 campfire locations for Avatar Fire Chakra Quest

Where to Find a Campfire in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 2

With an abundance of healing items in Fortnite, you’ve likely ignored or forgotten about any campfires you’ve encountered. To help you find a campfire to light to complete the Fire Chakra Avatar Quest, this guide covers the location of every campfire on the Fortnite Island.

  • On the lone island at the very top of the map
  • Southwest of Pleasant Piazza
  • The small island in the middle of the lake hosting the Earth Shrine southeast of Restored Reels
  • Behind the house north of Restored Reels
  • Near the watchtower in the snowy area on the road from Reckless Railways to Classy Courts
  • East of Classy Courts, on the lowest part of the cliffs leading to Coastal Comms
  • Northeast of Rebel’s Roost
  • The campsite overlooking the sea on the northeast of Rebel’s Roost

Use the handy map provided by the lovely folks at above to find one best suited to you. Landing near the Earth Shrine in the middle of the map is a great idea if you’re catching up on Avatar Quests, allowing you to easily pick up Earthbending at the same time.

How to Light a Campfire

To light a campfire, simply walk up to it and briefly hold the button shown on screen (‘E’ by default on PC). You don’t need materials to light one, but you can use Wood to stoke the fire and increase its duration. Campfires passively restore health to anybody standing near them, which can be useful in a pinch or when your squad is running low on healing items.

As soon as it’s lit, you’ll complete the “Light a campfire” Quest and receive a chunk of Chi. Once you complete four Fire Chakra quests in total, you’ll also receive the Fire Chakra and become one step closer to earning the Appa glider. Yip yip!

There’s no time to sit around roasting marshmallows, though. You have plenty of Avatar: The Last Airbender rewards left to earn. That Chi isn’t going to collect itself (unless you use Creative Islands, that is).