How to fix xDefiant Delta 1 error code

XDefiant Delta 1

If you’re encountering the Delta 1 error code while trying to join a server in XDefiant, you’re not alone. This error disrupts the gameplay experience by booting you out, forcing you to start over. The issue typically arises due to a time-out problem, mainly occurring towards the end of XDefiant. As with any beta release, such glitches are expected and need to be addressed.

Ubisoft is actively investigating all the bugs and error codes affecting XDefiant during this beta phase. The purpose of beta testing is to identify and resolve such issues before the official release. Rest assured, the developers are working on eliminating error code Delta 1 from XDefiant before it goes live.

Image: Ubisoft

What to do about error codes in XDefiant

Don’t lose hope if you encounter the Delta 1 error code in XDefiant. There are a few troubleshooting steps you can take before giving up on the beta version. Considering that network and server issues are common culprits, trying these solutions might help you get back to playing:

  • Restart your PC: Sometimes a simple reboot can fix the issue.
  • Reconnect to the internet: Try resetting your router for a fresh connection.
  • Check the XDefiant Twitter: Stay updated on error fixes and updates from Ubisoft.
  • Play Call of Duty: While waiting for a solution, explore another game with its unique set of error codes.

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