How to repair weapons and gear in No Rest for the Wicked

No Rest for the Wicked: How to Restore Your Equipment

Have you ever felt frustrated by the weapon durability mechanic in No Rest for the Wicked? You’re not alone. Many players have found this feature, combined with the game’s challenging difficulty, to be quite unforgiving. But fear not, there are ways to revive your worn-out gear and weapons after facing inevitable defeat.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Enter Filmore, a key NPC in the game. You’ll encounter him after navigating through the Keep, defeating enemies, and obtaining the key to the Mess Hall. Once you come across Filmore, you’ll have access to his services as a Blacksmith and vendor. Not only can you buy and sell equipment from him, but most importantly, he can repair your damaged gear. Simply speak to him, select the Repair option, and choose to fix either specific pieces or all of your equipment.

No Rest For The Wicked Repairs
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Locating Filmore can be a bit of a challenge as he appears in specific locations throughout your journey. Keep an eye out for him near the Whispers scattered across the world. Additionally, you can hunt for Repair Powder, which can restore a portion of durability to your items. This valuable item can be discovered in treasure chests or obtained as a drop after breaking certain objects – though my luck hasn’t been great in finding any so far.