Amazon’s Fallout TV Show Renewed for Season 2

Amazon Prime’s Fallout TV show debuted recently and has already been renewed for a second season due to its positive reception among both critics and viewers. While specific details about the upcoming season are still scarce, fans can expect the return of beloved characters such as Vault Dweller Lucy, Brotherhood of Steel Squire Maximus, Ghoul bounty hunter Cooper Howard, and Dogmeat.

Where Fallout TV show fits in with the games

The first season of the Fallout TV show is firmly rooted within the established canon of the games, while also presenting an original storyline set in the new location of Vault 33. Taking place in the year 2296, over two centuries after the Great War of 2077, the show occurs following the events of all previously released Fallout games. By comparison, Fallout 4 took place in 2287.

The narrative of the Fallout TV show revolves around Lucy, a Vault Dweller from Vault 33 who ventures into the wastelands of Los Angeles in search of her kidnapped father, overseer Hank MacLean. Throughout her journey, Lucy encounters other intriguing characters, like Brotherhood of Steel Squire Maximus and Ghoul bounty hunter Cooper Howard, each with their own agendas in the harsh wastelands.

In addition to its character-driven storyline, the first season of the show also delves into the history of a prominent location and unveils the truth behind the events preceding The Great War, as well as the ultimate fate of the Vault-Tec Corporation. These revelations in both season 1 and the upcoming season 2 will undoubtedly have an impact on the narrative of Fallout 5.

Considering that Fallout 5 is slated for release after The Elder Scrolls VI, which is not expected until at least 2026, viewers can anticipate multiple seasons of the show influencing the storyline of the next installment in the Fallout franchise.