Echoes start in Destiny 2?

When Does Episode 1: Echoes Start in Destiny 2?

Exciting news for Destiny 2 players as Bungie recently announced the upcoming end to the Light and Dark Saga with The Final Shape. The weekly blog post on April 18, 2024, provided insights into the new raid and other content releasing alongside the expansion.

Screenshot: Bungie

The Final Shape raid is set to launch on June 7, 2024, just three days after the expansion release. This quick turnaround has sparked some discussion within the community, especially considering the recent delay. However, Bungie has clarified that Episode 1: Echoes cannot start until after The Final Shape’s narrative concludes.

Rumors suggest that a 12-man activity will serve as the final mission of The Final Shape, unlocking only after the raid’s completion. Project Lead Catarina Macedo also addressed the schedule shift, highlighting the reasoning behind it and what players should focus on to fully experience the end of the Light and Dark Saga.

According to Macedo, the first episode, Echoes, will launch in the second week of The Final Shape. This aligns with reports that The Final Shape’s story will conclude in the initial week of the expansion. Players are eager to see how the new Dread enemies fit into the Destiny world post-The Witness defeat.