Peroxide Codes (April 2024) – Twinfinite

All Peroxide Codes List

Active Peroxide Codes

  • 220MVisitsArrancarTerrorism – 30 Product Essence (New)
  • AlvinAndTheChipmunks – 30 Product Essence (New)
  • FusionHoldingUsHostageUpdateIsComing – 25 Product Essence
  • EclipseDontBurnUrEyes – 15 Product Essence
  • 300kLikesSorryLate – 35 Product Essence
  • TwoTrillionAprilPECode – 2 trillion Product Essence
  • ShutdownToFixNPCsAgain – 25 Product Essence
  • shutdowntofixnpcs – 25 Product Essence
  • 210MVisitsAwesome – 30 Product Essence
  • PeroxideAnniPE – 50 Product Essence
  • UnluckyBruhxide – 50 Product Essence
  • 290kLikesLOOLOLOL – 30 Product Essence
  • 200MVisitsAwesome – 25 Product Essence
  • ValentinesDayButNoValentines – 45 Product Essence
  • FusionStopGamblingWorkOnTheGame – 25 Product Essence
  • 15kSubsSoEpic – 25 Product Essence
  • FusionForgotHowToShutdown – Product Essence
  • 190mVisitsThanks – 30 Product Essence
  • ThanksForPingingAhmed – 25 Product Essence
  • 280kLikesThankYouForYourSupport – 25 Product Essence
  • 180mVistsTrollDelay – 20 Product Essence
  • CodeCrittersVsBugFixersPart2 – 15 Product Essence
  • CodeCrittersVsBugFixers – 15 Product Essence
  • StopListeningToTrialMods – 15 Product Essence
  • HappyNewYearJoMamaJoeBiden12121 – 20 Product Essence
  • Chungsmas – 30 Product Essence
  • 270kLikesOhHowJolly – 15 Product Essence
  • 170mVisitsGuys – 15 Product Essence
  • FBBossIncident – 15 Product Essence
  • FBUpdate – 1 Slot and 15 Product Essence
  • Peroxide10kSubs – 10 Product Essences
  • Peroxide5kSubs – 10 Product Essences

Expired Peroxide Codes

How to Redeem Codes In Peroxide

Redeeming Peroxide codes is a breeze; follow the steps below to ensure you get your gifts:

Screenshot by Twinfinite
  1. Launch Peroxide in Roblox.
  2. Click on the Stats icon in the top-left corner of your screen.
  3. Click on the Settings tab.
  4. Type the code into the Code Here text box.
  5. Press Enter to receive your goodies!

How Can You Get More Codes In Peroxide?

To get informed about the latest Peroxide code drops, join the Peroxide Discord server and subscribe to the developer’s YouTube channel (@peroxideroblox). Using official social media accounts is a good way to stay current if you like to dig for info by yourself.

However, you’ll need to switch between different platforms and check all kinds of unrelated information, which can be a nuisance. Therefore, a more straightforward solution to getting all the codes and saving time and effort is to bookmark this article (CTRL+D) and return now and then for updates. We regularly look for new codes and update our lists.

Why Are My Peroxide Codes Not Working?

Peroxide codes need to be typed in with care, so if you receive an error message that the code is invalid, it might be due to typos. The easiest method to prevent such problems would be to copy/paste the code you want to use directly from our list into the game.

Also, keep in mind that codes don’t last forever, and you should redeem them with haste to avoid losing precious rewards. If you spot an expired code that remains on our active list, let us know, and we will update our article promptly.

What Are the Controls in Peroxide?

Remembering controls in Peroxide when you start playing the game can be a hustle, especially when facing opponents in combat. You can write down the controls using our article and master them to play the game like a true pro:

  • Q — Dash
  • E — Equip weapon
  • G — Apply a mode
  • N — Teleport to your spirit realm menu
  • V — Carry NPCs/players/objects
  • B — Grab NPCs/players
  • F — Block
  • F + M2 — Counter attack

What Is Peroxide?

Peroxide has a hilariously clever title, as it’s a Roblox game loosely based on the popular series Bleach. You enter a world of fast-paced combat, where your character must train, fight NPC opponents or other players, and complete quests to increase stats and upgrade skills. The more you explore and grow in strength, the more abilities you’ll unlock, which vary depending on the race of your hero.