Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes Review

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes presents a classic tale of rags to riches, but on a grand scale involving an entire army. As I began recruiting numerous unique characters for my team, I had no idea how the final lineup would look. However, with each new fighter joining the cause, the story expanded to encompass multiple countries and people, transforming my ragtag group into a formidable battalion. While the extensive cast and abundance of side content can sometimes create pacing issues, the slow burn of Hundred Heroes eventually ignites into an impressive experience.

Hundred Heroes follows the journey of Nowa, a fresh recruit in a local army tasked with collaborating with the special forces of a larger empire. Instead of creating conflict, Nowa finds common ground with Seign, the leader of the special forces team, setting a harmonious tone for the campaign. What may initially seem like a typical hero’s journey unfolds to reveal deeper layers to the main characters and their motivations.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes Gameplay Screenshots

In contrast to its hack-and-slash predecessor, Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising, Hundred Heroes primarily functions as a turn-based RPG. Managing a party of six characters, each with unique stats and abilities, provides diverse strategic possibilities. Building a team requires considering the strengths and weaknesses of each character, though the abundance of options may lead to some feeling underutilized in the plot.

With over 100 characters available to recruit, Hundred Heroes offers a variety of ways to engage with the world, from combat allies to town vendors. Recruiting and befriending these characters adds depth to the story and provides valuable rewards.

Chapter-specific character lineups encourage experimentation with different heroes and their special abilities. Assembling a team with high attack power, survivability, and healing capabilities often proves effective in overcoming challenges. While some characters may seem gimmicky, finding a balanced team becomes crucial for success in battle.

The campaign of Hundred Heroes spans approximately 40-60 hours, offering ample opportunities for character recruitment, castle upgrades, and engaging minigames. Side quests range from straightforward tasks to more elusive objectives, enriching the gameplay experience.

While the journey of Hundred Heroes starts slowly, with minor pacing issues and backtracking hindering progress initially, the narrative gradually unfolds into a compelling tale of multiple nations uniting against a common enemy. The personal struggles of the characters add depth to the overarching war story, making each victory feel meaningful.

Ultimately, the blend of personal narratives and epic battles in Hundred Heroes delivers an entertaining experience, despite some pacing issues and gameplay quirks. The journey from recruiting a disparate group of fighters to leading them in a quest for justice offers a satisfying narrative arc that captures the essence of a classic RPG adventure.