How and when to watch the Future Games Show Summer Showcase this June

Exciting News for Gamers: Future Games Show Summer Showcase 2024

Attention all gamers eagerly awaiting new game announcements – the annual Future Games Show Summer Showcase is making a return this year with even more exciting content.

The 2024 Future Games Show Summer Showcase is gearing up to unveil over 40 upcoming games that will be available on all current-generation consoles and PC. This event is being touted as the brand’s most ambitious display yet, following the successful Future Games Show Spring Showcase held in March.

Mark your calendars for June 8, as the Future Games Show Summer Showcase is scheduled to air on that date. While the exact timing is yet to be confirmed, it is expected to precede this year’s PC Gaming Show on June 9.

In a press release, Daniel Dawkins, the content director for games, video, and digital events at Future Games Show, expressed his anticipation for the upcoming showcase: “The Future Games Show Summer Showcase is a standout event in the digital showcase landscape, offering a fantastic platform to unveil new games. Our recent Spring Showcase attracted 8.5 million live viewers and garnered fantastic feedback from our extensive network of over 200 renowned co-streamers worldwide.”

Dawkins further added, “Each show’s lineup of multi-format games is meticulously curated, with a growing reputation for spotlighting innovation and titles that push boundaries. Whether you’re into city-building games with a Cthulhu twist or seeking updates on blockbuster titles and indie gems, the Future Games Show has something for everyone.”

To catch all the action of the Future Games Show Summer Showcase, you can tune in to various social channels including YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, and Tiktok. Additionally, the showcase will be livestreamed on GamesRadar, our affiliated site.

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