Fallout 76 is currently experiencing a huge surge in players, but is it any good now?

Rediscovering Fallout Games

Recently, I’ve been indulging in the Fallout TV show craze and delving back into Bethesda’s gaming archives to satisfy my Fallout cravings after finishing the series. Yesterday, I ventured into the world of Fallout 4 VR with a list of mods aiming to enhance the immersive experience. However, my lack of technical expertise led to some unexpected challenges…

Today, I’ve decided to give Fallout 76 another chance, a game I initially struggled to connect with upon its release. The question posed in the headline of this post may vary depending on personal preferences, but spoiler alert—I’ve been pleasantly surprised by my return to Appalachia. Spending approximately 20 hours immersed in Bethesda’s MMO over the past week, playing solo has provided me with a ‘Fallout 4.5’ experience that has truly satisfied my gaming desires. Perhaps now is the ideal moment for you to revisit this game as well!

If you’re curious to see how Fallout 76 holds up six years after its launch and you’re hesitant to endure the lengthy 60GB download, feel free to join me at 3:30pm BST on the video player below.

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