Full walkthrough and all objectives

Navigation Guide for Sker Ritual: Ashes of Sker Hotel

Sker Hotel presents a challenging map with intricate passages and mysterious puzzles. If you find yourself struggling, don’t worry, as we’ve got you covered with a comprehensive Sker Ritual: Ashes of Sker Hotel guide including a full walkthrough and all objectives.

Refuel the Teleportation Platform

Your first task is to restore power to the Teleporter located in the Grand Hall. This Teleporter serves as a central point on the map, so make sure to grab the Canister beside it and open the nearby door.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Navigate through the purple fumes-filled room downstairs and shoot the four targets on the walls to dissipate the fumes. Once cleared, interact with the receptacle in the Basement Furnace to place the canister. Stand in the circle to fill the progress bar, then retrieve the canister and proceed to interact with the Teleporter in the Grand Hall.

Failure to Launch

Your next objective is to repeat the process for three other receptacles near the Grand Hall. The challenge lies in finding the canisters, which have random spawn locations. You might find them behind staircases or in specific rooms, like the Ground-Floor Chapel.

Screenshot: PC Invasion
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Secure all canisters to activate the Teleporter for the first time, and prepare to face off against dangerous enemies like Killerwatts and Howlers.

Utilizing Weapons and Solving Codes

Earn the Howler weapon, a powerful tool in your arsenal. Upgrade it through the Super Charger machine for maximum efficiency. Use the Howler to decipher cryptic codes in the dark, revealing essential steps in the mission.

Retrieve the Punch Cards

Guide the lamb-like creatures through a maze, powering up machines and collecting punched cards along the way. Take your time in the labyrinth, as each step requires precision and patience.

Screenshot: PC Invasion
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Defend the Navigation Machine by completing tasks and facing challenges to progress further in the mission.

Defeat Isaac

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