Genshin Impact Clorinde kit, abilities, and banner release date

Genshin Impact Clorinde Release Date

Clorinde is set to make her debut in Genshin Impact with the upcoming version 4.7 update. This highly anticipated update is scheduled to launch on Wednesday, June 5, 2024. Fans are eagerly awaiting the release of Clorinde and other exciting new characters that will be introduced in version 4.7.

Clorinde is expected to be a 5-Star character in Genshin Impact, making her a valuable addition to any player’s roster. Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming gacha banners for version 4.7, as Clorinde may be featured in one of the two phases launching on either June 5 or June 25.

Genshin Impact Clorinde Abilities and Kit

Although details about Clorinde’s abilities are still scarce, leaks from Genshin Impact insider Foul have provided some insight into her weapons and kit.

Clorinde will utilize a gun in addition to her sword, offering a diverse skill set for players to experiment with. Her primary ability (E) enables her to unleash powerful sword strikes and evade incoming attacks with invincibility frames, dealing significant damage in the process. Additionally, she excels in elemental reactions, similar to Neuvilette, where each Electro reaction will grant her a beneficial buff.

Furthermore, Clorinde possesses follow-up attacks, likely involving her pistol, triggered when she strikes an enemy with her sword. This capability is enhanced by her first Constellation upgrade, guaranteeing a 100% chance of triggering a follow-up attack with every normal strike. To top it off, her talent, Bond of Life, boosts her critical hit rate, further enhancing her combat prowess.

Clorinde’s playstyle focuses on evading enemy attacks, leveraging Electro reactions with teammates, and maximizing her follow-up attack potential to increase her overall damage output. While the exact method of triggering these follow-up attacks remains unknown outside of her C1 upgrade, players are advised to save their Primogems for this formidable new character in Genshin Impact.