Hearts of Iron 4 (HOI4) – How to Use Floating Harbor

Hidden Mechanics in Hearts of Iron 4: The Floating Harbor

Hearts of Iron 4 is full of hidden mechanics that many players overlook or never fully utilize. The Floating Harbor is one such feature that often confuses even seasoned players with hundreds of hours in the game.

While the Floating Harbor may not be the most essential piece of equipment in Hearts of Iron 4, it can still have a significant impact if used strategically.

How to Unlock and Produce Floating Harbors

Before delving into how to use the Floating Harbor, it’s important to understand how to acquire it in the first place.

To unlock the Floating Harbor, players must first research the second naval transport tech, the Landing Craft. This not only enhances the capacity for Naval Invasions but also grants access to the Floating Harbor.

Once the necessary research is completed, players can produce Floating Harbors by accessing the Production menu, selecting ships, and setting up a production line. It is essential to assign Naval Dockyards to the production of Floating Harbors and wait for at least one to be constructed.

Understanding the Floating Harbor in Hearts of Iron 4

The Floating Harbor is a unique ship exclusive to Hearts of Iron 4 with the No Step Back DLC. It enables a special type of Naval Invasion order in the game.

When deployed alongside a Naval Invasion, the Floating Harbor creates a Supply Hub at the location where troops are landed. This Supply Hub remains operational for 30 days, providing full supply to divisions even when they lack a connection to a port or the player’s capital.

After the 30-day duration expires, the Floating Harbor is destroyed, and players must establish a new hub or port to ensure their divisions receive supplies.

Utilizing the Floating Harbor in HOI4

In order to use a Floating Harbor in HOI4, players must select an army and press the designated button next to the Naval Invasion order with a unique symbol.

The process of launching a Naval Invasion using the Floating Harbor is similar to a standard naval invasion plan:

  1. Click on the province for troop departure.
  2. Click on the enemy province for troop landing.
  3. Execute the invasion plan.

Successful Naval Invasions with Floating Harbor support require 50% Naval Supremacy in all sea regions, adequate convoys for troop transport, and sufficient Naval Invasion Capacity.

Once these conditions are met, troops will commence their journey, engage enemy divisions upon reaching their destination, and establish a Supply Hub through the Floating Harbor.

Players can view the Supply Hub on the map and access additional details by using the Supply mapmode. Additionally, there are strategies to prolong the duration of the Floating Harbor beyond the initial 30 days.

Extending the Floating Harbor’s Duration

Surprisingly, players can initiate Naval Invasions within their own occupied territories, resetting the 30-day timer for the Floating Harbor Supply Hub.

By landing additional divisions in the same region as existing troops, players can effectively reset the timer and maintain a steady supply for their units. However, each Naval Invasion Order with Floating Harbor support requires the sacrifice of a Floating Harbor ship.

This tactic is particularly advantageous for attacking countries without ports, as it allows players to seize undefended territories and establish a strategic foothold for further advancement.

Now you have a comprehensive understanding of how to utilize the Floating Harbor in Hearts of Iron 4. If you have any feedback or suggestions for this guide, feel free to share them in the comments below.