All animal variants and where to find them in LEGO Fortnite

Every Creature Variant in BlockWorld and How to Acquire Them

BlockWorld’s latest update, Farm Friends, brings a plethora of exciting enhancements to the game, particularly in the form of new creatures. Players can now keep animals in their villages and encounter various creature variants. Let’s explore all the animal variants and where to locate them in BlockWorld.

  • Yellow Chickens: Found in Grasslands
  • Brown Chickens: Located in Dry Valley
  • Tan Chickens: Also in Dry Valley
  • Cows: Spread out throughout the world
  • Pigs: In Grasslands and Dry Valley
  • Mountain Cows: Roam the Frost Lands
  • Rams: Typically found in Frost Lands

Besides the Mountain Cows, regular Cows now come in different colors with unique spot patterns.

Pigs make their debut in BlockWorld with the Farm Friends update, appearing in various colors. They are commonly seen in Grasslands, but can also be found on the outskirts of Dry Valley.

The Epic Games teaser hints at the presence of a snow chicken in the game (top left). Despite searching extensively in Frost Lands, only sheep were found. For players struggling to locate specific creatures, enabling visual footsteps can be helpful in pinpointing their whereabouts.

How to Capture Creatures in BlockWorld

Once you’ve located these animals in the wild, you’ll likely want to bring them back to your village. To do so, you’ll need to construct an Animal House, which becomes available when your village reaches level 2. Building an Animal House unlocks the Animal Treat recipe, allowing you to entice creatures back to your village.

Keep in mind that animals will flee if they encounter hostile creatures, so plan your capture strategy accordingly. Utilizing vehicles to transport animals back to your base can be a viable solution. For players unfamiliar with the vehicle mechanics introduced in the game, creating customized vehicles can aid in swift traversal of the map. While constructing a vehicle with space for animals may require some effort, it can help you avoid any obstacles during the return journey.