Meta Quest’s Horizon OS opens up to third parties – and Xbox is among the first to hop on board

Meta Announces Collaboration for Limited-Edition Mixed-Reality Headsets

In an exciting development, Meta has revealed a partnership with several manufacturers to introduce a range of new limited-edition mixed-reality headsets to the market.

Microsoft is among the partners working with Meta on this initiative. Together, they are set to create a special Meta Quest device, potentially resembling the popular Meta Quest 3, a top choice for VR enthusiasts.

According to an official blog post by Meta, the collaboration with Xbox continues to evolve. The post states, “Xbox and Meta collaborated last year to enable Xbox Cloud Gaming (Beta) on Meta Quest, allowing users to enjoy Xbox games on a large virtual screen in mixed reality. Now, we are joining forces again to introduce a limited-edition Meta Quest inspired by Xbox.”

While details about the Xbox-themed Meta Quest are still under wraps, Meta has shared insights into expanding its Horizon OS. The company highlights, “Meta Horizon OS will provide users with more options to access apps. Our platform allows users to access a wide range of content, including popular gaming services like Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Steam Link, or our Air Link system for wireless streaming from PC to headsets.” Meta also expresses interest in welcoming Google Play Store to Quest devices.

Meta’s collaborations extend beyond Xbox, as it confirms working with Asus ROG on a high-performance gaming headset and Lenovo on mixed reality devices for various purposes. Both products will utilize Meta Horizon OS in their development.

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared insights on these partnerships via an Instagram post, hinting that the Xbox-inspired Quest headset may offer a straightforward experience. Zuckerberg suggested, “It could simply be a version that includes Xbox controllers and Game Pass out of the box, allowing users to dive into gaming on a large screen wherever they go.”