Fortnite Adds New Setting To Hide ‘Confrontational Emotes’

Epic Games Introduces New Setting for Fortnite Emotes

Epic Games recently announced a new feature in Fortnite that allows players to hide emotes that are deemed “confrontational” by the company. While these emotes are not banned from the game entirely, players now have the option to conceal them from view if they choose to do so.

Customizable Emote Settings

The new setting, called “See Confrontational Emotes,” gives players the flexibility to decide whether they want to see emotes like “Laugh It Up,” “Take the L,” “Whipcrack,” and “Make It Plantain” from anyone, from friends in a party, or never at all. Players who opt to hide these emotes will simply see a player using the emote standing still, without any accompanying sound.

Accessing the New Emote Setting

To customize their emote preferences, players can navigate to the “Social Privacy” section in the Fortnite settings. By default, the setting is configured to display confrontational emotes only from friends in the player’s party. It is important to note that this setting does not restrict a player’s ability to use any emotes in the game. The update is now live in Fortnite.

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