Get To Know Our Team: Chad – Senior Software Engineer

Get To Know Our Team: Chad – Senior Software Engineer

April 23, 2024

Hi, everyone! Wynn here again. Welcome back to another Xbox Insider Team interview. Today’s chat is with Chad—the very first of our incredible Xbox Insider engineers. How’s it going, Chad?

Doing pretty well, Wynn.

Glad to hear it! Well, let’s jump right in.

Tell the community a little bit about how you joined the Xbox Insider team.

Yeah, so, I joined the team ten years ago. Probably like a month or two after everything initially launched.

Oh, wow. So, you’re pretty OG on the team?

I’m the longest-serving engineer, and I think only Leland has me beat on overall tenure for the team.

That’s really impressive man. You must’ve seen a lot in your time here.

Let’s talk more about that transformation. How have you seen things change over the years?

In the beginning, the program was a kind of scratch group of different people all trying to just get things working and stood up. We had the flight dashboard setup, but we realized really quickly that we needed an actual app for people to access. So, we worked to build that out. Then when Todd took over, he was really focused on the outward expansion of the program. Game flights, app flights, better infrastructure for all that, Todd pushed a bunch of those initiatives forward. Now, with Brad’s leadership we’ve been working on a lot of the crystallization of process and harmonization aspects.

I love hearing about this kind of history. I didn’t think about it initially, but I guess you’ve worked under everyone who has led the program.