Sony Firesprite’s PS5 Horror Game Targeting 4K, 60 FPS

Reports of Firesprite’s PS5 horror game first surfaced in 2022

Recently, there have been rumblings about the PS5 horror game being developed by PlayStation Studio Firesprite. Despite facing setbacks, including layoffs and cancellations, the game seems to still be in progress. Programmer William Webster shed some light on the project, mentioning that it is aimed to deliver a gaming experience in 4K resolution with a smooth 60 FPS.

The game was never officially confirmed by Sony, but job descriptions from 2022 hinted at its existence. Concerns arose when PlayStation’s restructuring led to uncertainty about Firesprite’s projects. However, Webster’s online portfolio revealed his involvement in the horror game, providing some reassurance to fans. Although the page has since been secured, details of Webster’s work on the game were briefly accessible, confirming its development.

Webster’s LinkedIn profile indicates his long-standing tenure at Firesprite, where he mentioned his contribution to a “narrative horror game” spanning over two years. Ensuring a seamless 60 FPS experience at 4K resolution was a key focus for him. Describing his experience as “rewarding,” Webster also disclosed that the game is being crafted using Unreal Engine 5.

While there are speculations about the possibility of Firesprite working on a sequel to Until Dawn, concrete evidence is currently lacking.