Dead Boy Detectives Season 1 Review

Dead Boy Detectives: A Whimsical Horror Series

Netflix’s Dead Boy Detectives follows the adventures of two British teenage ghosts, Edwin and Charles, who have been solving mysteries in the afterlife for decades. The show, based on characters created by Neil Gaiman and Matt Wagner, introduces viewers to a world filled with ghosts, demons, and other supernatural threats, all with a humorous and whimsical tone.

When amnesiac psychic Crystal Palace joins forces with the Dead Boys, their routine investigations in the afterlife take a thrilling turn. Alongside Crystal, the trio faces challenges from characters like the witch Esther and the supernatural bureaucrat Night Nurse, played with delightful determination by Jenn Lyon and Ruth Connell, respectively.

While the show delivers plenty of laughs with its quirky characters and supernatural elements, some jokes may feel repetitive after a while. Additionally, certain supporting characters, like Crystal’s neighbor Niko and the landlord Jenny, can sometimes come across as superfluous to the main story.

Rexstrew and Revri’s chemistry shines as the central duo, with a love triangle brewing between their characters and Crystal. Despite some age discrepancies among the actors playing teenage roles, the cast brings charm and humor to their performances.

Episode Scores for Dead Boy Detectives Season 1:

  • Episode 1, “The Case of Crystal Palace” – Score: 6/10
  • Episode 2, “The Case of the Dandelion Shrine” – Score: 7/10
  • Episode 3, “The Case of the Deviln House” – Score: 8/10
  • Episode 4, “The Case of the Lighthouse Leapers” – Score: 6/10
  • Episode 5, “The Case of the Two Dead Dragons” – Score: 7/10
  • Episode 6, “The Case of the Creeping Forest” – Score: 6/10
  • Episode 7, “The Case of the Very Long Stairway” – Score: 7/10
  • Episode 8, “The Case of the Hungry Snake” – Score: 6/10

While Dead Boy Detectives may not reach the dramatic heights of The Sandman, it offers a mix of horror, humor, and creativity that keeps viewers entertained. The show excels in its mid-point, focusing on procedural mysteries and showcasing impressive imagery despite budget constraints. Overall, Dead Boy Detectives provides a wacky and weird journey into the afterlife, with some episodes standing out more than others.