Escape From Tarkov is taking ‘Pay to Win’ to the next level

Escape From Tarkov Raises Concerns With New Premium Edition

Escape From Tarkov, developed by Battlestate Games, has introduced a new premium edition that is causing quite a stir among fans and content creators. The game’s unique business model has always been a topic of discussion, but the latest edition is taking the concept of ‘Pay to Win’ to a whole new level.

What is the Unheard edition of Escape From Tarkov?

If you’re new to EFT, let me quickly explain how the game is monetized, as it’s important for context. Escape From Tarkov is effectively a live service game that is constantly being updated. There’s no monthly fee or microtransactions, but the game is expensive.

The base version of Escape From Tarkov is €52.00 plus TAX, but many existing players purchased the Edge of Darkness edition, which was almost €100 more. This edition was arguably Pay to Win but is no longer available.

The Unheard Edition of Escape from Tarkov is a whopping €250.00. While you could argue Edge of Darkness was Pay to Win, there’s absolutely no denying it with this new Edition.

What’s included in the Unheard Edition of Escape from Tarkov?

  • PvE Co-op mode with persistent progression
  • Enhanced Stash Size
  • 3×3 Secure Container
  • Weapon Case
  • Lucky Scav Junk Box
  • Ammunition Case
  • Unique Item: Mark of the Unheard
  • Unique Item: Distress Signal Device (coming in a future update)

If you’re not a Tarkov player, this list probably won’t make much sense, so let’s review it. The PvE Co-op mode already exists, but the persistent progression doesn’t. This mode means that EFT now has a full PvE mode, albeit at a premium.

The Enhanced Stash Space and Secure Container allow players to keep more items and not lose everything if they die in a raid. The Cases are very sought after in EFT as they offer additional storage space.

I wish I were exaggerating – Image: Battlestate Games

The big sticking point is the unique items. The Mark of the Unheard gives a 50% discount for cash services in Raids (extracting by car, for example). Insured equipment returns 30% faster, but the real kicker is Scav’s won’t shoot first at ranges over 60 meters. You do need to play a lot of raids as a Scav to earn this bonus, but this is a powerful perk.

The worst offender is the upcoming Distress Signal Device. The item emits a loud noise and a flash but allows players in your friends list to join you mid-match! Yes, you read that right; you can call in live reinforcements.

Is the Unhead of Edition of Escape From Tarkov Pay to Win?

Previous Premium editions of Escape From Tarkov have offered quality-of-life changes, like additional Storage Space. Bonuses like this are already ‘Pay to Win’ as you’re paying for an advantage. That said, these bonuses are unlikely to give you the edge in a 1v1 fight.

The Mark of the Unheard and Distress Signal Device is blatantly ‘Pay to Win,’ and many in the community are furious. The subreddit is ablaze with complaints, and well-known content creators, like Onepeg on YouTube, are discussing it.

We will have to see if Battlestate Games changes the Unheard Edition in the future.

Escape from Tarkov is brutal for newcomers, and even quests like building specific weapons are confusing. Still, even with all the controversies, many maintain the game offers an experience you can’t find anywhere else.

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