River City Girls 2 Is Getting “Premium” Double Dragon DLC This Summer

The Return of Double Dragon

After a lighthearted jest earlier this month, WayForward has officially announced the upcoming Double Dragon DLC for its popular side-scrolling beat ’em up River City Girls 2. That’s right, the iconic Billy and Jimmy Lee are set to make a comeback as playable characters in a “premium DLC” release scheduled for this summer.

According to the press release, a free update will also accompany the DLC, offering all owners of River City Girls 2 access to a new Double Dragon-themed motion comic, two additional shops, fresh accessories, and “more”. Here’s a sneak peek at what these characters have in store and what fans can anticipate in River City Girls 2:

“Having made their debut in the classic 1987 Double Dragon arcade game, the legendary Billy and Jimmy Lee (not to be mistaken for Bimmy and Jammy) have been highly requested additions to the River City Girls 2 roster since the game’s inception. These twin brothers bring their unique fighting styles to the game, complete with a variety of devastating punches, kicks, throws, and special attacks. Fans can look forward to iconic moves from their previous adventures, including the spinning cyclone kick, rising knee, and more. Furthermore, both characters play integral roles in River City Girls 2’s story mode, featuring full voice-over performances from the returning talents of Dan Avidan (Billy) and Arin Hanson (Jimmy) of the Game Grumps. The DLC package will also introduce an incredible new vocal track performed by Hanson and Avidan, with music composed by the series’ very own Megan McDuffee. Lastly, a new dojo master will be available to fill in for Billy and Jimmy while they’re busy taking down adversaries.”

Stay tuned for more updates on this DLC and free update as we receive them.

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