Stellar Blade Simple Puzzle solution

How to Crack the Simple Puzzle in Stellar Blade

Once you’ve arrived at Xion in Stellar Blade and perused the town’s bulletin board for side quests, you’ll stumble upon a unique request named Simple Puzzle.

Unlike the usual quests from Xion’s residents, this particular side quest doesn’t require you to wield your sword. Instead, you’ll need to flex your brain muscles to solve a brain teaser involving seemingly random sequences of numbers. It’s a perplexing puzzle for many players, but fear not, we’ve got you covered.

Cracking the Code

The Simple Puzzle task in Stellar Blade challenges you to decipher the correct code for the input device at the elevator leading to the Presence Chamber. You’re provided with a series of numerical sequences as a clue:

  • 4@7@8 = 285684
  • 9@3@5 = 271542
  • 6@2@7 = 121426
  • 5@6@7 = ?

To unravel this puzzle, you must identify the mathematical operations represented by the “@” symbol. To save you the headache, here’s the solution. The first two digits of the output result from multiplying the first two digits of the input. The next two digits are derived from multiplying the last two digits of the input. Lastly, the final two digits are the sum of the previous two results.

For instance, consider the first sequence: 4@7@8. Multiplying four by seven gives 28, multiplying seven by eight yields 56, and summing 28 and 56 results in 84, hence the output 285684.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

For the input 5@6@7, the correct solution to the Simple Puzzle quest in Stellar Blade is 304272. Armed with this code, head to the Presence Chamber elevator located on the northern side of Xion. A concealed keypad near the elevator awaits your input.

That’s all it takes to complete the Simple Puzzle side quest in Stellar Blade. Your efforts will be rewarded with some Gold and two Vitcoins. It may not be a substantial reward, but it’s a start. Now, you can resume your adventure in Naytibas in the main storyline. Just make sure to address any input lag issues in Stellar Blade if you encounter them.