How to fix “generic storage full” in Manor Lords

Planning for Success in Manor Lords

Strategic planning is key to thriving in Manor Lords, where establishing adequate storage for your resources is vital to prevent spoilage or theft.

Understanding the Full Storage Error

As a novice in Manor Lords, you might be alarmed by the notification indicating “generic storage full.” While this issue may seem daunting at first, resolving it is straightforward once you grasp the solution. By constructing the appropriate buildings and ensuring sufficient labor, you can easily rectify this issue.

How to Resolve Full Storage in Manor Lords

To address the generic storage full error in Manor Lords, it is imperative to construct ample dedicated storage facilities and have adequate personnel available to transport and supply excess materials to buildings.

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Generic storage in Manor Lords pertains to nonperishable resources like wood and stone, which are stored in Storehouses dedicated to such materials. Given their significance in construction, it is advisable to stock up on these resources, leading many players to encounter the generic storage full predicament.

If your generic storage is at capacity, consider constructing additional Storehouses (located in the Logistics section of the Construction menu) or assigning workers to the existing ones for efficient distribution of goods. While expanding Storehouses is a straightforward solution, ensuring workers effectively distribute stored items is a more intricate process.

Even if workers are assigned to Storehouses, they may struggle to find destinations for the goods. Setting up a Marketplace allows workers to establish stalls for selling goods, while connecting Burgage Plots to the Marketplace and storage facilities with roads ensures a seamless network for receiving essential items like food and supplies. Monitoring house connections to Marketplaces and Storehouses enables you to track the distribution of goods effectively.

Accumulating essentials such as food and fuel is critical in Manor Lords, particularly with the heightened resource demands during harsh winters. Expand your population to prepare adequately and ensure sufficient labor for various tasks, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a reliable food supply.