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Review of Infested: A Spider-filled Horror Flick

Infested is now streaming on Shudder. This review is based on a screening at the Overlook Film Festival.

Spiders are inherently terrifying creatures for many people, even when they are of normal size and not reproducing at an alarming rate. In the new French film, Infested, director Sébastien Vanicek plays on this fear by delivering a classic horror experience with the inclusion of creepy-crawlies skittering across the screen. While the film may not be groundbreaking, it provides enough chilling moments to keep audiences on edge.

Set in a massive housing complex in suburban Paris, Infested follows Kaleb, a young man with a penchant for exotic animals who unwittingly unleashes a spider-induced nightmare upon the residents. As the authorities struggle to contain the situation, tensions rise, and paranoia sets in. The film effectively builds suspense by keeping the audience in the dark along with the characters.

While the spider-centric horror elements are the main draw of Infested, the film also delves into the relationships between Kaleb, his sister, and their friends. This character development adds depth to the story but may take away from the film’s primary focus on arachnid mayhem.

Despite its limited budget, Infested manages to create tense and chaotic scenes that keep viewers engaged. The use of both CGI and practical effects adds to the overall sense of dread, while the body horror elements are appropriately gruesome. The film succeeds in delivering a chilling experience that will leave audiences checking their surroundings for any unwanted visitors.

The creature-feature elements of Infested are executed with panache and a great sense of tension.


Infested may not revolutionize the horror genre, but it offers a solid dose of frights for spider enthusiasts. With its blend of classic creature-feature thrills and modern horror sensibilities, the film is a fun and creepy ride for those looking to get their arachnid fix.