Realms Plus upgrades | Minecraft

Improved Render Distance

My Realm feels like it just got a major upgrade with the extended render distance on all servers. Now, players can see up to 20 chunks further, giving them the ability to spot danger, opportunities, and even escape routes much sooner. This enhancement not only makes the horizon more alluring but also adds to the immersive experience of Realms adventures.

Monthly Character Creator Items

I may not have won any battles solely based on my outfit, but with the new monthly Character Creator items, I can definitely dazzle my fellow players. In addition to the existing 150+ Marketplace Pass packs, Realms Plus subscribers can now look forward to claiming and keeping a new set of Character Creator items every month. Whether you want to coordinate with your ice cream fortress, strike fear into survival spawn dwellers, or simply blend in seamlessly with your surroundings, your wardrobe options are about to expand.