Best Eve build in Stellar Blade: Exospines, Gear, and Skills

How to Create the Ultimate Eve Build in Stellar Blade

Creating a powerful Eve build in Stellar Blade requires careful consideration of factors like Exospines, gear, beta, and burst skills. This guide will walk you through the process of crafting one of the best Eve builds in Stellar Blade.

Best Exospines in Stellar Blade

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  • Beta Trance-Type Exospine
    • Level 1: Increases Beta Energy recharged by 12%.
    • Level 2: Attack power of Beta Skills increases by 12%.
    • Level 3: Successful Beta Skill hits have a chance to place you in a Trance. Beta Skills won’t consume Beta Energy in Trance mode.
  • Protection-Type Exospine
    • Level 1: Damage received from enemies decreases by 10%.
    • Level 2: Shield’s Protection Level increases by one at maximum
    • Level 3: Has a chance to restore HP for 5 seconds while Guarding or Parrying when HP is 20% or less

Equipping the Beta-Trance Exospine enhances Eve’s offensive capabilities, making smaller enemies easier to defeat and bosses more manageable. The Protection-Type Exospine, on the other hand, increases Eve’s survivability in combat, reducing damage taken and providing opportunities to restore health.

Best Gear in Stellar Blade

Best Eve build in Stellar Blade
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As you progress in Stellar Blade, you can unlock up to four gear slots for Eve. The best gear pieces to equip include Combat Supply Gear, Shield Enhancement Gear, Beta Charge Gear, and Perfect Combat Gear. These gear pieces enhance Eve’s abilities, offering various benefits from HP recovery to increased attack power.

Shield Enhancement Gear increases shield strength, Beta Charge Gear accelerates Beta skill recharge, and Perfect Combat Gear boosts attack power when HP is high.

Best Beta and Burst Skills in Stellar Blade

Best build in Stellar Blade. Best skills
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For optimal performance, focus on upgrading Triplet and Shield Breaker as your Beta skills, and Tempest and Descending Break as your Burst skills. Shield Breaker weakens enemies’ shields, allowing for powerful attacks with Triplet. Tempest excels at crowd control, while Descending Break deals significant damage.

By incorporating the recommended Exospines, gear, and skills outlined in this guide, you can unlock Eve’s full potential in Stellar Blade. This comprehensive build stands out as the best choice for maximizing Eve’s effectiveness in combat.

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