Explore the Post-Apocalyptic Seas in Age of Water

Immersive Water Experience in Age of Water

Age of Water is a video game that truly showcases our admiration for the element of water. The developers have meticulously created a world where the water flows realistically, reflects light, and interacts with objects and characters in a way that fully engrosses players in this vast aquatic setting. Whether it’s the gentle rhythm of waves against your boat or the awe-inspiring power of a whirlpool, every detail of the water has been designed to feel alive and dynamic.

Prepare for Battle on the High Seas

Of course, in the world of Age of Water, sailing won’t be all smooth sailing. Pirates and other nefarious individuals, both on the sea and in the air, will not hesitate to attack your boat on sight. To survive these encounters, players must ready themselves for battle by customizing their boat or even constructing a brand new vessel. This includes outfitting it with more weapons and training a skilled crew to navigate the treacherous waters.