Today’s Dragon’s Dogma 2 Update Makes Dragonsplague More Visible, Pawns Less Annoying

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Update Improves Gameplay Experience

Dragon’s Dogma 2 has seen great success since its launch, selling an impressive 2.5 million copies within just a month. Despite this, Capcom continues to release updates to address minor issues within the game. While some players have voiced concerns about the lack of a performance mode, the latest update focuses on refining the behavior of pawns, the player’s AI companions.

What to Expect from the Update

This update introduces improvements to detect and manage the dragonsplague, a dangerous affliction that can have severe consequences if left untreated. Pawns affected by the disease will now have their eyes glow red more conspicuously, making it easier for players to identify and address the issue promptly. Additionally, the update reduces the frequency of pawn infections, providing a more streamlined gaming experience.

Furthermore, players can expect enhancements to pawn behavior, aimed at reducing annoying tendencies and enhancing overall gameplay immersion. Pawns will now refrain from jumping off cliffs unnecessarily, speak lines more appropriately, and exhibit more consistent behavior while in-game. These changes contribute to a smoother interaction with pawns, who play a significant role in the game.

Additional Improvements

Aside from the major changes mentioned above, the update includes smaller adjustments such as the ability to zoom in on character faces in shops, preventing monster attacks in towns from resulting in player arrests, and various bug fixes. Players can access the full list of updates and previous patches on the official website.