Where to find Mega Sloths in Fallout 76

The vast landscape of Fallout 76 can be perceived as a treacherous place teeming with creatures eager to bring you harm. However, this assumption only tells half of the story. While there are undoubtedly threats like the Lesser Devils lurking about, there are also creatures in the game that are more peaceable in nature. One such creature is the Mega Sloth, which, much like its real-life counterpart, tends to be quite laid-back and can even be tamed. So, let’s delve into the locations where you can find Mega Sloths in Fallout 76.

Fallout 76: Where to find Mega Sloths

These creatures do not seem to appear randomly throughout the wasteland—at least, that’s what my exploration has revealed. To pinpoint the whereabouts of Mega Sloths in Fallout 76, we need to focus on specific areas. It’s also important to note that these creatures will not attack you unless provoked. The good news is that, much like locating Pre-War food, finding Mega Sloths won’t require an extensive search since there are only two known locations.

The Mire: To begin your search, head to The Mire and make your way to the center of the region where you’ll encounter Tanagra Town. If you don’t spot any Mega Sloths in the town, be sure to check out the Treetop Point of Interest (POI).

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Cranberry Bog: Located in the southeastern section of the map, you’ll recognize this area by the presence of red vegetation. There might also be Gulpers in this region, so consider hunting them as well. Once you’ve reached the bog, head to Superior Sunset Farm where you’re likely to encounter some Mega Sloths. If you need to find more, explore Sundew Grove for additional sightings. As there are multiple Sundew Groves, refer to the map below for precise locations.

Fallout 76 Mega Sloth Location In Carnberry Bog
Screenshot: PC Invasion

How to tame a Mega Sloth

If you engage in combat with Mega Sloths, they will drop ingredients for crafting potent food, which can be crucial. However, opting to tame these creatures might be a more favorable choice.

To tame a Mega Sloth, you must have the Charisma perk “Animal Friend” at rank 3. Mega Sloths have around a 50% chance of being tamed, with the third rank of the perk increasing your chances to 75%. By aiming your gun at the sloth with the Animal Friend perk at rank 3, you may successfully pacify the creature.

Fallout 76 Mutated Creature1
Image: Bethesda

Furthermore, you’ll need to set up a C.A.M.P. in the same server where you’re on the lookout for Mega Sloths. Lastly, ensure that you are at the same level as the Mega Sloth you encounter. Take note of its level and strive to meet the required level to successfully tame the creature.

If you have the time, consider embarking on a search for all the Garden Gnomes scattered throughout Fallout 76. Use our guide for assistance if needed.

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