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SaGa Series: A Unique RPG Franchise

The SaGa series stands out as one of the most distinctive franchises in the RPG realm, originating from the powerhouse developer Square Enix.

Often viewed as the “weird” cousin of Final Fantasy — a somewhat simplistic comparison — SaGa was birthed by Akitoshi Kawazu, a key figure in the development of Final Fantasy II, a title recognized for its unconventional levelling system. Unlike the traditional experience point approach, Final Fantasy II focused on character progression based on actions taken in-game. This design choice, although controversial at the time, laid the foundation for the unique mechanics seen throughout the SaGa series.

Transitioning from the NES to the Game Boy, Makai Toushi Sa・Ga — known as The Final Fantasy Legend in North America — marked the genesis of an exceptional RPG saga.

SaGa thrives on the unconventional, with non-linear storytelling prevalent in many of its titles. Some entries span generations of characters, while others offer players the choice of a main character and present multiple distinct narratives. While these games may not appeal to all, fans of intricate RPG systems are likely to find a home in the world of SaGa.

Over the past five years, the franchise has experienced a resurgence, with various remakes, remasters, and new installments gracing multiple platforms. Most recently, SaGa Emerald Beyond debuted on the Switch, earning a commendable 7/10 score in our review.

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