How to Get Sheep in Manor Lords Explained

Obtaining Sheep in Manor Lords

Sheep play a crucial role in Manor Lords early on, especially for meeting the upgrade requirements for Burgage plots. Unlike other livestock, sheep simply roam around in pastures, passively producing Wool. To ensure a steady Wool supply from the start, here’s a guide on how to acquire Sheep in Manor Lords.

Acquiring Sheep in Manor Lords

The primary method of obtaining Sheep in Manor Lords is through purchasing and importing them via the Livestock Trading Post. However, before initiating this process, it’s essential to provide adequate space for the sheep to reside. Constructing large Pastures where they can graze is imperative, as more sheep equates to a higher Wool output.

Image Source: Slavic Magic via Twinfinite

After setting up your Pastures, establish the Livestock Trading Post and assign a family to oversee its operations. From the menu of the Livestock Trading Post, determine the quantity of Sheep you wish to import. Depending on the global market prices, each Sheep generally costs around 30 Gold Coins. The assigned family will gradually import enough Sheep to meet your specified quota. The process of importing livestock does not require a dedicated trade route; simply pay the necessary amount whenever a Sheep trade is conducted until your quota is fulfilled.

It is advisable to establish a reliable source of income alongside this import. For instance, exporting surplus materials such as Iron through the standard Trading Post can help balance the costs.

Note that merely having Sheep is not adequate for Wool production; you must also construct a Sheep Farm and a Weaver’s Workshop. Both facilities will require family members to operate efficiently. Positioning these buildings near your Sheep pastures can reduce travel time and increase efficiency.

Manor Lords sheep on green pastures top down view
Image Source: Slavic Magic via Twinfinite

Fortunately, imported Sheep do not perish, eliminating the need for continuous re-purchases. Once your Sheep pastures and Wool production are established, you can automate the process.

This concludes the guide on acquiring Sheep in Manor Lords. For more information, consider exploring our comprehensive Manor Lords trading guide and tips on wheat cultivation.