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What Clay Means in No Rest for the Wicked

No Rest for the Wicked players rely heavily on Cerim resources for various upgrades, with Clay being a key component. Initially overlooked, Clay becomes crucial as the game progresses, but acquiring it becomes more challenging at higher levels. This guide will help players secure a steady supply of Clay to meet their in-game needs.

Where to Find Clay in No Rest for the Wicked

Clay, alongside wood and stone, serves essential crafting purposes in the game. While NPCs like Fillmore and Grinnich in Sacram sell Clay, the most reliable method of obtaining it is by gathering from dig mounds spread across Cerim. However, the availability of Clay diminishes as players level up, with higher levels yielding rarer materials like granite instead of Clay.

No Rest for the Wicked Farming Tips

Following the defeat of Warrick the Torn, players can maximize their chances of collecting Clay by farming dig spots immediately after. These spots offer a randomized loot table, meaning Clay isn’t guaranteed in every dig. To optimize Clay farming, players can follow a specific route, targeting multiple dig nodes in the area.

  • Start to the left of the spawn point to find a dig spot.
  • Head north from the fishing pole to a Cerim Whisper near a wall, leading to another dig node.
  • Locate a dig spot in the top left corner of the lake.
  • Find a dig spot in the middle of the lake area.
  • Proceed east to encounter a Cerim Whisper near a boss, leading to a Southwest dig site after defeating the boss.
  • Climb vines north of the area to find another dig site indication from an enemy.
  • Cross a bridge west of the hill to discover a dig spot near a mob.
  • Head southeast towards the tallest hill for a dig spot southwest of the location.

Before reaching Sanctuary, players will encounter numerous dig sites with T1 nodes, ideal for collecting Clay in abundance.

Utilizing New Realms for Clay Harvesting

As players progress and face difficulty obtaining Clay at higher levels, a viable strategy involves creating new realms to maintain tier one dig sites. By avoiding leveling up in these new realms, players can continuously harvest Clay without the risk of receiving higher-tier materials. It is recommended to optimize inventory space before embarking on Clay harvesting expeditions to manage resources efficiently.