Top 12 games like Escape From Tarkov

Best Alternatives to Escape From Tarkov

Looking for a change from the unique PvPvE Extraction Shooter experience of Escape From Tarkov? Here are the top 12 games that offer a similar thrill:

Hunt: Showdown

Image: Crytek Frankfurt

Hunt: Showdown stands out as a PvPvE masterpiece with linear missions that guide players through the Louisiana Bayou in the early 1900s. The strategic combat, intense shootouts, and binaural audio make it a must-play in the Extraction Shooter genre.


Image: Small Impact Games

Set in a space with a ‘steampunk’ backdrop, Marauders offers a gameplay loop familiar to fans of Extraction Shooters, with PvPvE elements and ship combat.

Modern Warfare Zombies

Image: Activision

Swap real-world enemies for zombies in Modern Warfare Zombies, a PvE Extraction Shooter with finely tuned movement and shooting mechanics that provide a fun experience.


Image: GSC Game World

For a single-player experience closely resembling Escape From Tarkov, dive into the STALKER series, where survival horror elements and a gripping story await.

Gray Zone Warfare

Image: MADFINGER Games

Experience jungle warfare in the upcoming PvPvE Extraction Shooter, Gray Zone Warfare, which promises to deliver a unique and immersive take on the genre.


Image: Bohemia Interactive Studio

Survive in a ruthless world in DayZ, a standalone title known for its unforgiving gameplay and player interactions.


Image: Facepunch Studios

Enter the brutal world of Rust, a PvPvE survival game where losing everything is a real possibility, similar to the risks in Escape From Tarkov.

Dark and Darker

Image: Ironmace

Immerse yourself in a high-fantasy PvPvE setting in Dark and Darker, a punishing Extraction Shooter that offers unique gameplay mechanics.

Arena Breakout

Image: Morefun Studio Group

Discover the euphoric highs and crushing lows of Extraction Shooters in Arena Breakout, a mobile title with a PC release on the horizon.

Ghosts of Tabor

Image: Combat Waffle Studios

Experience the intense PvP action of Ghosts of Tabor in VR, offering a heightened level of immersion and excitement.

Helldivers 2

Screenshot: PC Invasion

Join the galactic war in Helldivers 2, a PvE masterpiece that challenges players with tactical gameplay and punishing combat scenarios.

Arma 3

Image: Bohemia Interactive Studio

Embark on a realistic and immersive journey in Arma 3, a complex open-world tactical shooter that rewards knowledge and strategic thinking.

While the Extraction Shooter genre is tough to crack, these games provide compelling alternatives to Escape From Tarkov for players seeking a new challenge or experience.

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