All trading posts and how trading works in Manor Lords, explained

How to Trade Goods in Manor Lords

Trading goods plays a crucial role in Manor Lords, providing you with the funds needed to expand your estate and generate passive incomes. To begin trading goods, you must construct the Trading Post using four Timber. Once built, the Trading Post can employ four families.

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The Trading Post categorizes all goods in Manor Lords in the “Trade” menu. Goods are initially set to “no trade,” indicating that there is no import or export activity for those items. You can easily manage the trading process by setting goods to “no trade” whenever necessary.

Importing or exporting goods in Manor Lords involves checking the prices and selecting the desired surplus for each transaction. Whether importing or exporting, setting the correct surplus ensures efficient trading operations.

Manor Lords Trading
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Utilizing the “full trade” option allows for flexible importing and exporting of goods based on your surplus preferences. This feature is particularly useful for managing goods like food, where the import/export strategy can be adjusted as needed.

Once you are satisfied with a trade, remember to pay Regional Wealth to establish the trade route. Additionally, ensure that a family is assigned to stock the Trading Post to facilitate trade operations effectively.

Monitoring your trading activities closely is essential for maintaining a successful trading venture in Manor Lords. Focus on consistent trades while keeping an eye on your available resources to optimize your trading strategies.

How to Trade Animals in Manor Lords

Animal trading in Manor Lords follows a similar process to goods trading. The Livestock Trading Post serves as the hub for animal trade and can be constructed using two Timber.

Manor Lords Livestock Post
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The Livestock Trading Post can accommodate various animals, each requiring specific storage space. Setting trade types and desired surpluses is crucial for seamless animal trading operations in Manor Lords.

Unlike goods trading, setting up animal trades does not incur any costs. With the right resources and logistics in place, you can engage in profitable animal trading activities.

Managing animal trades effectively involves assigning families to oversee the trading process and ensuring suitable accommodations for the imported/exported animals. Stay prepared for trade opportunities by maintaining adequate resources or stock in the Livestock Trading Post.

Sheep In Manor Lords
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Unlocking the Sheepbreeding Development can provide a continuous source of export income through multiplying sheep. Be sure to have the necessary facilities and upgrades in place to maximize your animal trading potential.

How to Trade Between Owned Regions in Manor Lords

Facilitating inter-region trade in Manor Lords requires the construction of a Packstation, which enables the exchange of materials between owned regions. By hiring mules for the Packstation, you can initiate barter trades with other regions.

Manor Lords Bartering
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Bartering goods with other regions involves selecting a Barter Partner and specifying the goods for exchange. Building multiple Packstations can expedite trading activities, although additional mules may be required to support the increased trade volume.

Assigning families to manage mules and streamline the barter process is essential for efficient inter-region trading. Optimize your logistics by strategically siting Packstations and maintaining organized resource flow between regions.

With the right trading infrastructure in place, you can establish thriving trade networks and enhance the prosperity of your settlements in Manor Lords.