How to defeat Zo’aurc in Destiny 2 Pantheon

Destiny 2: Defeating Zo’aurc in Pantheon Mode

The newly introduced Pantheon mode in Destiny 2 offers Guardians the opportunity to revisit their most memorable raid victories. In this mode, players can earn exotics that were previously locked behind expansions, along with a variety of raid weapons. For the first boss encounter, players will need to face Zo’aurc in Destiny 2 Pantheon.

Zo’aurc: Outside Planets

Screenshot: heyitsfriendly/YouTube

As you enter the arena, you’ll notice multiple planets floating on the left and right sides. The key to this encounter is numbering the planets on the outside. The challenge is intensified by the boss hurling fire tornadoes at players from the start of the fight.

  • The first group of planets closest to you should be numbered one through three, with planet three being the furthest away.
  • The next set of planets, closer to the boss, should be numbered four through six.

Assign one player to each group of three planets and focus on clearing additional enemies. Each platform will spawn a Colossus that players must defeat to receive the Planetary Insight buff. Coordinate with your team to ensure Light planets are on the left and Dark planets are on the right. Swap planets accordingly before the platforms shift positions.

Zo’aurc: Inside Planets

How To Defeat Zo'aurc In Destiny 2 Pantheon Inside
Screenshot: heyitsfriendly/YouTube

After dealing with the outside planets, focus on the inside planets. Wait for Colossus to spawn on each outside platform and defeat them to gain Planetary Insight. In this phase, players will need to transfer the correct combination of Light and Dark planets from the outside to the inside. Communication is key to ensure the correct planets are moved swiftly.

Zo’aurc: Damage Phase

How To Defeat Zo'aurc In Destiny 2 Pantheon Damage
Screenshot: heyitsfriendly/YouTube

During the damage phase, players must stand in the pools of Light/Dark under the planets to damage Zo’aurc. Rotate between pools as the boss throws fire tornadoes. Ensure you switch to the opposite-colored pools each time. Once the damage phase is complete, the fight resets, starting with the Outside Planets.

With strategic coordination and precise execution, Guardians can emerge victorious in the challenging encounter with Zo’aurc in Destiny 2 Pantheon mode.