The Last of Us 2 PS Store Download Revenue Leaked

A recently leaked document from Sony Interactive Entertainment has unveiled that The Last of Us Part 2, developed by Naughty Dog, brought in an impressive $242 million in revenue solely from PS Store downloads. This leak was part of a larger collection of documents that were exposed following a ransomware attack on Insomniac Games last year.

The Last of Us 2 PS Store downloads make history for Sony

According to a discovery made by a user on ResetEra, the leaked data covers revenue up to June 2023, suggesting that the earnings from TLOU 2 may have increased even further since then. At present, The Last of Us 2 stands as Sony’s third-highest revenue-generating game from PSN sales. The first position is secured by Marvel’s Spider-Man from 2019, with over $315 million in PSN revenue, and the second spot belongs to God of War Ragnarok, which brought in over $279 million in PSN revenue.

It is important to note that these revenue figures only reflect PSN sales and do not take physical sales into account. Despite the impressive earnings from exclusive Sony titles, the company is facing challenges with rising budgets and development costs.

Following The Last of Us 2, the next highest-earning games in terms of PSN revenue include Spider-Man: Miles Morales, God of War (2018), Ghost of Tsushima, Horizon Zero Dawn, Horizon Forbidden West, Gran Turismo 7, and The Last of Us PS4 remaster.