How to start A Rift in Time Act 2 in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Unlock the thrilling new content of A Rift in Time Act 2 in Disney Dreamlight Valley by following these steps to kickstart your adventure in Eternity Isle and welcome Oswald to the Valley.

How to begin Act II of the A Rift in Time expansion in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Before embarking on Act II of A Rift in Time, ensure you have completed Act I and the Level 2 friendship quests for EVE, Rapunzel, and Gaston.

The specific quests to finish before starting Act II are:

  • ‘Your Eternal Reward’ — Main story
  • ‘A New Directive’ — EVE (Note: Some players suggest completing all of EVE’s quests)
  • ‘Center of Attention’ — Gaston
  • ‘The Housewarming’ — Rapunzel

Once you meet the requirements, ‘The Sunken Ruins’ quest should appear in your Quests tab. If it doesn’t show up immediately, give it around fifteen minutes or speak to Merlin to check for availability.

‘The Sunken Ruins’ kicks off Act II, continuing the pursuit of the Spark of Imagination. Visit Merlin in his library to continue the adventure on Eternity Isle!

I’m still not seeing ‘The Sunken Ruins,’ what should I do?

Ensure you have completed the WALL-E bundle quests if you own them, and make sure your game is up to date. If the quest still doesn’t trigger, complete other Merlin-related quests to potentially unlock ‘The Sunken Ruins.’

How to unlock Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

Unlock Oswald the Lucky Rabbit as you progress through the main story of A Rift in Time Act 2. Follow the quests after ‘The Sunken Ruins’ to add this adorable character to your Valley.

Besides being incredibly cute, Oswald brings unique features to the game that you’re sure to enjoy.

However, refrain from purchasing 3D glasses from Scrooge’s shop until you reach the ‘Oswald’s Many Dimensions’ quest to avoid a bug that may prevent you from unlocking Oswald as a villager.

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