No Rest for the Wicked Infinite Healing Food Farm

Players will encounter a variety of enemies throughout the game, making HP recovery essential to avoid constant trips back to town. Without natural health regeneration, players must seek out alternative methods to restore lost HP. The most common approach is to purchase or craft food consumables, but this can quickly become tedious, especially with limited resources. This guide is designed to help players establish their own Infinite Healing Food farm to ensure they never run into HP issues again.

No Rest for the Wicked Healing

In typical ARPG fashion, No Rest for the Wicked does not feature any form of natural passive healing. While there is a chance to obtain an HP Regen Rune, the uncertainty means players must rely on Healing Foods to keep their health at maximum levels. Many players spend hours farming plants and resources to cook meals, a process made even more laborious by limited inventory space. However, there is a specific side quest in the game that allows players to cook unlimited amounts of food for a small cost.

Infinite Healing Food Farm

Instead of gathering herbs and mushrooms for meals, players can purchase all necessary ingredients from a designated NPC. Initially, only one vendor sells a single plant in Sacrament. However, venturing further into the game will reveal a side quest that unlocks a Cook who offers a wide array of ingredients for sale.

Rescue the Innkeeper Quest Guide

After defeating Warrick and saving the Blacksmith from the Keep, players should explore Sacrament. Following a day of rest, an NPC – the Innkeeper’s wife – will offer a quest to rescue her husband from Serum Whisper. This Innkeeper also serves as the Cook, providing ingredients to players who aid in his rescue.

Upon reaching the designated area, players will find the Cook on the western side of a bridge, requiring assistance to leave the area. Following a journey to the Northeast and solving a puzzle in a chamber, players will reach an elevated platform above the Innkeeper. By kicking down a ladder, the Innkeeper becomes accessible in Sacrament.

The Innkeeper Shop

Once found in Sacrament, the Innkeeper offers an array of ingredients and recipes for players to craft potent recovery meals. Players can further upgrade the shop to unlock new recipes with increased effectiveness, aiding them in tackling more challenging content.

The key to the Infinite Food farm is accumulating gold to purchase ingredients from the Cook. Thankfully, there are numerous ways for players to earn gold within the game.

Best Way to Farm No Rest for the Wicked Gold

One straightforward method to earn gold is by selling unused common to purple-rated items. There is no benefit in hoarding weapons and armor, as better gear will become available as players progress. Selling these surplus items can yield significant amounts of gold, which can then be used to buy ingredients.

Another effective gold-farming technique is to complete bounties from Captain Randolph, focusing on tasks that reward monetary compensation. Daily and weekly bounties offer valuable loot in addition to gold rewards.

Other Sources for Ingredients

For players interested in gathering ingredients themselves, there is a specific location abundant with mushrooms and plants. By heading west instead of towards the first boss zone and venturing near the respawn area, players can discover a dig spot. North of the spot, vines can be climbed to reach a Druidic Worshiping Site filled with ingredients.

While ingredients can be found during travels, purchasing necessary items from the Cook proves to be a more efficient approach after unlocking him. As players progress in the game, they will require fewer recovery items to sustain themselves.