NBA 2K24 Removes Collector Level Reward Kobe Bryant At Last Second Sparking Fan Outcry

NBA 2K24 Changes Top Collector Level Reward, Disappointing Fans

The iconic Kobe Bryant was featured as the cover star for NBA 2K24, becoming a strong motivator for gamers to strive for the highest Collector Level in the MyTeam mode. However, as the first round of the NBA playoffs concludes, many fans are feeling let down by the latest NBA 2K title as developer Visual Concepts reneged on a promise made prior to the game’s launch.

Unfulfilled Promise Before Release

Prior to the release of NBA 2K24, the developer Visual Concepts published a blog post detailing the features of the card-collection mode, MyTeam. In this post, the developer outlined various features and rewards for the upcoming title, with special attention given to an upcoming Collector Level reward featuring Kobe Bryant.

The blog emphasized the significance of Collector Level rewards in the overall MyTeam experience, stating, “Collector level rewards have always been important in MyTEAM, and last year the rewards came as surprises with a hidden end goal. So let’s look forward a few months and reveal that Kobe Bryant will be the top reward in the Collector Level, and this reward will be available in April, during Season 6.”

Disappointment Among Players

Reports from The Washington Post’s Herb Scribner and Forbes’ Paul Tassi indicate that NBA 2K24 has altered its top Collector Level reward, no longer including Kobe Bryant. Instead, players are now offered a choice between two previously released 100-overall cards. However, it appears that one of the 100-overall cards, Yao Ming, is not available for selection, sparking disappointment among many community members.

Community Backlash and Lack of Response

The decision to change the top Collector Level reward from Kobe Bryant to other options has led to backlash from players on social media and the NBA 2K Community Discord server. While the official NBA 2K and NBA 2K MyTeam accounts have remained silent on the issue, players have expressed their frustrations in various community forums.

Although a statement from a 2K spokesperson confirms the change in the reward system, the reasoning behind the alteration remains undisclosed. Speculation suggests licensing issues may be responsible, but this has not been confirmed by the developer.

Impact on NBA 2K24 and Player Experience

NBA 2K24 was released on multiple platforms in September 2023, offering engaging gameplay but receiving criticism for its heavy focus on microtransactions. The recent controversy surrounding the alteration of a key reward in MyTeam mode further fuels concerns about the game’s monetization practices.