Fallout 4 Next-Gen Update Performance Review (PS5 vs Xbox Series X|S)

After a long wait, the enhanced “next-gen” update for Fallout 4 has finally arrived for Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5. Bethesda has aimed to improve the playing experience on these newer consoles, although the Xbox Backward Compatibility program had already set a high standard for Fallout 4 on Xbox Series X and Series S. Despite some current issues on Xbox, the improvements on PlayStation 5 are definitely a step in the right direction.

If you’re on Xbox Series X/S or PC, updating to the new-gen version is a seamless process – simply download and start playing. For PS5 users, transferring old saves from the PS4 version is a manual but straightforward process, akin to what Sony first-party games require.

Once I delved into the game, it became evident that some old bugs still linger, such as inactive lights and missing textures. PC players have reported crashes, and many mods have been disrupted by the update. The highly anticipated Fallout London mod has been delayed due to these changes, as the team works to ensure everything functions properly post-patch.

“On Xbox, the toggle does nothing in the current build.”

The main feature of the hefty 22GB update is the addition of a Performance toggle for Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5, offering a Quality (off) and Performance (on) choice. While the update is currently problematic on Xbox consoles, the PS5 version works as intended, albeit with a larger file size of 56GB.

Resolution boosts function correctly on all consoles, with Series X and PS5 rendering at a full 4K in both modes. However, Performance mode appears to be dynamic, with occasional drops in resolution on PS5 and Xbox Series X during stress tests.

Across all formats, the game maintains a locked 60fps 99% of the time, although some minor stuttering may occur due to streaming and CPU workload issues, particularly on Xbox consoles.

The 4K Performance mode on Series X and PS5 is recommended, while the Series S performs best in 1440p mode. With the update, Fallout 4 offers improved visuals and steady 60fps performance across all modes, making it a worthwhile revisit for fans of the game.

Although the update initially launched with issues on Xbox consoles, it is expected that these will be resolved soon to align with the flawless experience on PS5. Overall, the “next-gen” update for Fallout 4 breathes new life into the game and provides players with a variety of visual enhancements and performance improvements.