Fortnite’s huge Star Wars event lets you wear Yoda in a backpack, for a price

Fortnite’s Latest Star Wars Crossover

Today marks a significant milestone for Fortnite with its largest Star Wars crossover to date. Players can now access new content inspired by the galaxy far, far away across all four main game modes.

Most of this new content is available for free, including the highly anticipated Lego Fortnite Star Wars world. However, for those looking to enhance their gaming experience, there are over £60 worth of new cosmetic items available for purchase.

New Character Skins

One of the highlights of this crossover event is the introduction of new character skins, such as a revamped version of Luke Skywalker featuring his iconic Return of the Jedi swamp attire. Notably, this skin includes Yoda as a backpack accessory. Players can acquire the Dagobah Luke bundle for 1800 V-Bucks, which also features the wise Jedi master. Additionally, Yoda is available separately for 1000 V-Bucks, prompting players to consider purchasing both to unlock exclusive content.

Lego Fortnite Star Wars Rebel Adventure cinematic trailer. Watch on YouTube

Another notable addition is the Lando skin, priced at 1500 V-Bucks. Players can opt for the standalone skin or choose the bundle for 1800 V-Bucks, which includes a Cloud City model back bling and a pickaxe. The Death Trooper, known as the AWR Trooper in the game, is also available for 1500 V-Bucks.

However, the standout character for many fans is Chewbacca, exclusively obtainable through the Lego Fortnite event pass for 1400 V-Bucks. While the price is standard for licensed skins, players will also enjoy additional Lego builds as part of the bundle. This inclusion serves as an incentive for players to explore the Lego mode within Fortnite. It is worth noting that in terms of usable content in the main battle royale mode, this bundle offers less than the previous Star Wars event pass.

Image credit: Epic Games

Additional Cosmetics and Modes

In addition to character skins, players can also purchase a Disassembled C-3PO back bling for 500 V-Bucks and a ridable AT-AT emote for another 500 V-Bucks. Fortnite introduces the Fortnite Festival rhythm mode, offering the Cantina music for free or as a Jam Track for 500 V-Bucks. The arcade racing Rocket Racer mode features a Mandalorian-inspired car priced at 2800 V-Bucks, along with themed wheels (700 V-Bucks) and a boost effect (400 V-Bucks) inspired by Darth Maul.

Returning items from previous collaborations include skins of iconic characters like Han Solo, Leia, Boba Fett, Rey, Finn, Sith Trooper, Kylo Ren, Zorii Bliss, and Imperial Stormtrooper.

As for the game’s battle royale mode, there is approximately a month left in the current Greek gods season. Datamined files hint at upcoming story quests that may bring an end to Zeus’ reign, although the possibility of another in-game event remains uncertain. Players eagerly anticipate new developments following previous mysterious events in Fortnite.