Apex Legends drops a new gameplay trailer for season 21, “Upheaval”

Respawn Teases New Season of Apex Legends

Respawn has released a teaser for the upcoming season of Apex Legends, titled Upheaval. The trailer provides a glimpse of what players can expect when the new season arrives next week, introducing a new Legend named Alter. You can watch the trailer below:

Apex Legends: Upheaval Gameplay Trailer.Watch on YouTube

Alter’s abilities include a passive skill called “Gift from the Rift,” which allows her to loot items from distant deathboxes. Her tactical ability, Void Damage, enables her to create portals through surfaces, providing both offensive and defensive options for players. Additionally, Alter’s ultimate ability, Void Nexus, deploys a device that creates a one-way portal for her team members.

Players can also expect the introduction of Apex artifacts, which allow for customization of each variant’s Theme, Power Source, and more using Exotic Shards. This customization feature promises to offer players a unique calling card of destruction.

Apex Legends: Upheaval is set to launch on Tuesday, May 7, 2024, for PC, Switch, and PlayStation and Xbox consoles. This marks the 21st season of the popular battle royale game, with the addition of Alter as the first villainous Legend since Revenant in 2020. The new season will also bring back the revamped Broken Moon map and a limited-time return of the Solos mode.