PlayStation Portal in Stock Widely, Accolades Trailer Released

Sony Interactive Entertainment has successfully fulfilled its promise to increase the availability of PlayStation Portal stock, making the handheld device widely accessible at almost every major retailer in addition to PlayStation Direct. Furthermore, the company has recently unveiled a well-timed accolades trailer, coming shortly after the hardware’s launch earlier this year.

PlayStation Portal stock update — where to buy

For those willing to wait for delivery, the PS Portal can be purchased directly from PlayStation Direct. As of the time of writing, both the U.S. and U.K. store pages have the Portal in stock. Customers in other regions are advised to check their local PS Direct store pages for availability.

In addition to PlayStation Direct, the Portal is also currently in stock at Target and Best Buy. If the handheld is not available when you first read this article, it is recommended to periodically check the websites of these retailers, as they appear to be replenishing their inventory frequently. Many users on the PS Portal subreddit have shared their success stories of acquiring the device effortlessly from these retailers.

Sony acknowledged in December that the response to the PS Portal exceeded their expectations. The company emphasized that the handheld is designed to cater to a specific subset of PS5 owners, aiming to provide a unique gaming experience.

To view the accolades trailer released by Sony, you can watch it below.