Universal Orlando Confirms Three Super Nintendo World Rides, Including Jumping Donkey Kong Coaster

Universal Orlando Resort Reveals Details About Super Nintendo World in Epic Universe

Universal Orlando Resort has unveiled a new video showcasing what guests can expect at its upcoming Super Nintendo World in Florida, set to open as a land within the Epic Universe theme park next year. The video provides a glimpse into the immersive experience that awaits visitors, complete with three exciting rides, including the highly anticipated Donkey Kong Mine Cart Madness coaster.

The digital fly-overs featured in the video offer viewers a sneak peek at the various attractions within the park, mirroring the layout of the popular Super Nintendo World in Japan. From the Donkey Kong Country section with the thrilling mine cart coaster to the iconic Mushroom Kingdom featuring Peach’s Castle, Mt. Beanpole, the Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge AR ride, and Yoshi’s Adventure dark ride, guests can expect a nostalgic and captivating journey through their favorite Nintendo worlds.

Check Out the Super Nintendo World Overview Video Below:

The Donkey Kong Mine Cart Madness coaster is highlighted in the video, showcasing cutting-edge track technology that simulates the sensation of riders jumping off the tracks, reminiscent of the classic Donkey Kong Country games.

Similar to the Super Nintendo World locations in Hollywood and Osaka, visitors to Orlando’s Epic Universe will have the opportunity to enhance their experience by purchasing Power-Up Bands. These bands enable guests to participate in interactive Key Challenges, earn coins, and unlock exciting rewards. Additionally, familiar locations like the Toadstool Cafe restaurant will make a return in the Orlando park.

Key Locations to Look Forward to at Universal Epic Universe:


For more in-depth information about the park, check out Game Informer’s overview detailing all the attractions and experiences coming to Epic Universe next year. Be sure to explore photos from our visit to Japan’s Super Nintendo World and watch a vlog capturing the excitement of a day at the theme park.

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