What is the cat in Erebus for in Hades 2?

Hades 2 — Exploring Erebus and Finding the Mysterious Cat

Embarking on your journey in Hades 2 may feel familiar to those who have played the first game, as it retains its challenging nature without much hand-holding. As you navigate through Erebus, you may come across some friendly critters, one of which is a fascinating feline waiting to be discovered.

Where to find the cat in Erebus

Image: Supergiant Games

Returning to Hades 2, players will notice the familiar systems like fishing making a comeback along with new gameplay elements introduced in the game. One such addition is Melione, who can utilize Magick, a skill imparted by the goddess of witchcraft, Hecate.

Players can perform Incantations in between their runs, similar to the house renovator in the first game but with a range of new features. One notable feature is the ability to unlock a fountain room in Erebus using the Incantation known as “Woodsy Lifespring.”

Upon activating this ability and discovering the fountain room during a run, players will encounter an orange cat near the exit.

What is the cat in Erebus for?

What Is The Cat In Erebus For In Hades 2 Crossroads
Image: Supergiant Games

Encountering the cat in Erebus is just the beginning of a lengthy and challenging quest. At the end of this quest, players will meet Toula, the cat, who serves as a Familiar aiding in battles.

Players must visit the cat in the fountain room two more times before Melinoe offers to provide food for the cat. Following this interaction, players need to inquire about the cat to the headmistress, who will require some convincing before sharing further details.

To progress, players must defeat Hecate ten times to gain her guidance on harnessing Familiars, animal companions that bestow various buffs – similar to the floating pets in “Castle Crashers.”

After the conversation with Hecate, players will acquire a new Incantation, “Faith of Familiar Spirits.” By using this spell, players will obtain Witch’s Delight, a food item that can be given to Toula to transform it into a Familiar.

Once fed, Toula will relocate to the Rift of Thessaly on the surface of Erebus. Familiars are just one of the many rewards players can unlock by completing more runs in Hades 2, especially when combined with a Keepsake.